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Tackling Tough Times Together

Rhythm n Rail Incorporated is the proud recipient of funding of $4,846 through the Tackling Tough Times Together program, which is administered by the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal.

The Tackling Tough Times Together grant program helps communities access the resources they need to support one another through the ongoing effects of the drought.

As we all know, when the word “drought” is mentioned, people automatically think of farmers. Mainly cattle and sheep but farming comes in all shapes and sizes like Wheat, Grain, Fruit, Vegetable etc etc. It is not only farmers that are affected by drought, it also affects the community as a whole. Businesses struggle to stay afloat due to the lack of finances coming through their doors, children get ill as families cannot afford the doctors or medication, mental health declines and suicide, especially among men, begins to climb. This follows on like a domino affect.

Junee is one of those towns suffering because of the drought.

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Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal

FRRR’s CEO, Natalie Egleton, says that the Tackling Tough Times Together program is all about helping communities fund whatever it is they determine is most important to support their community.

“When farmers are doing it tough, the whole community feels the effects. Money and volunteer effort often dry up for the things that keep community members connected and supported – just when they need it most. These kinds of flexible grants become really important,” Ms Egleton explained.

In Rhythm n Rail’s case, the grant was sought to help strengthen economic diversity and support cultural engagement through purchase of sandwich board signs and tablecloths for a large weekend festival held across many locations.

The display boards will provide a consistent look for identifying the various Festival Event Venues and Locations and the tablecloths creating a professional presentation for our information and display booths.

Ms Toll, Rhythm n Rail’s President, highlighted that “Junee’s Rhythm n Rail Festival is a wonderful community based event. It pulls the community together, allows farmers to not worry about the land for a few hours, encourages children to engage in fun projects through their school and it injects a much needed monetary boost for our local businesses. Our festival is all about Junee and showing our beautiful town off, while banding the community together as one.”

Ms Toll also announced that to further spread the ongoing benefits of the funding opportunity provided through TTTT, the equipment that Rhythm n Rail will be purchasing over the coming months from the grant shall also be made available to other Junee Shire based Community Groups and Events through out the year — usually at no charge.

If your group is interested in utilising the sign boards or tablecloths at your next event or function, please contact Leasa Toll using our Contact Form and selecting ‘Sponsorship Opportunities” as the Department.

Examples of the Table Cloths and Display Boards
Examples of the Table Cloths and Display Boards