Rhythm n Rail re-vitalised with new Committee for 2020

Rhythm n Rail Committee 2019-2020
Rhythm n Rail Committee 2019-2020
B: Harry Simpson, Kate Hinds, John Hunter
F: Helen Simpson, Leasa Toll, Margaret Cutler
On Monday, September 3, 2019 at the Annual General Meeting for Rhythm n Rail Inc, a re-vitalised Committee were elected to manage the Junee-based Festival.

After all positions were declared vacant, and with no formal nominations for any of the Committee positions received prior to the AGM, nominations were called for “from the floor”. After brief discussions calling for new people to step forward, the meeting urged Ms Leasa Toll’s to re-nomination for the Presidency and she was subsequently re-elected, unanimously, to the position. New members Margaret Cutler nominated for Vice President and Kate Hinds nominated for Secretary, with both being elected to those roles. John Hunter, along with Helen and Harry Simpson, nominated for Ordinary Members and all three were thus elected.

There were no nominations for Treasurer on the evening, but Ms Hinds has since offered to take responsibility for the Treasurer duties, in addition to the Secretary role. As per Section 14 (4) of the Association’s Constitution, “a committee member may hold up to 2 offices (other than both the offices of president and vice-president).” and it is envisaged that this appointment will be ratified, as per Sections 15 (3) and 18 (1) of the Constitution, at the Assocation’s next committee meeting.

After the AGM, Ms Toll said “I didn’t pre-nominate for re-election as I wanted others to have the opportunity to step forward if they wished, and they did — in other roles — giving us a vibrant and enthusiastic team to renew and reinvigorate the Rhythm n Rail Festival for both the residents of Junee and for the visitors coming from across the nation to enjoy the rhythm of our musical performances and immerse themselves in Junee’s rail heritage”

Next Festival — Second Weekend of May 2020

Rhythm n Rail May 2020 Banner
Junee’s Rhythm n Rail Festival will now be held in May 2020
The next Rhythm n Rail Festival will be held over the weekend of May 8–10, 2020 in the Riverina township of Junee.

With the cooler late-autumn weather of May, Festival Attendees should find their visit to Junee far more comfortable compared to the blazing-hot summer-days often found in March (when the Festival was previously held). Also, with Daylight Saving Time having reverted back just a couple of weeks prior to the Festival, new opportunities for ‘true evening’ events have opened up.

Event Partners from previous Rhythm n Rail Festivals have already expressed their support for the new May scheduling and we are in discussions to bring some new and exciting events to the 2020 program.

Keep an eye on our website, www.RhythmNRail.com, or follow us on Facebook, for further announcements about the events and activities planned for the 2020 Rhythm n Rail Festival.