Rhythm n Rail Festival 2018 on the rocks

Junee Rhythm n Rail Festival LogoThe Junee Southern Cross, on November 7, 2017, ran an article entitled “Rhythm n Rail Festival 2018 on the rocks” and whilst it’s not necessarily the headline we would have chosen, it does call peoples attention to the fact that more volunteers are sought to help make the 2018 Junee Rhythm n Rail Festival, which will be our 10th Anniversary, the huge success it deserves to be.

As Jeanne Kennedy, the President of the Junee Rhythm and Rail Festival Association, said while we desperately don’t want to see it fold, the current six volunteers can’t do it alone. Ms Kennedy said all it would take is 6-12 more to put up their hand.

A meeting has been called for Wednesday evening to determine if the 2018 Festival will go ahead and everyone who wishes to see the Festival proceed should attend.

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