Rhythm n Rail Markets

Just some of the hundreds of people visiting the Festival Markets in Memorial Park
Just some of the hundreds of people visiting the Festival Markets in Memorial Park
[2018 Rhythm n Rail]
The Rhythm n Rail Markets are one of the central event locations of the Junee Rhythm n Rail Festival weekend.

The Rhythm n Rail Festival Markets will be held at the Junee Showground on;

  • Saturday, May 9, 2020 (9:00am — 4:00pm)


Standard 3m x 3m Stall: $50 per day
Double 3m x 6m Stall: $100 per day

Do you have your own generator?

Takeaway Food Stall: $60 per day [Including power outlet]

Junee Community Group 3m x 3m Stall: Free (see details below)

Other stall sizes: Price on Application

Please note that Rhythm n Rail Inc is not required to be registered for GST, so prices do not include GST

Expression of Interest for 2020 Stall Holders

If you are interested in having a Market Stall at the 2020 Rhythm n Rail Festival please complete the following Expression of Interest Form.

Please note this DOES NOT constitute a booking — All applications are assessed based on diversity for the markets. Similar applications will be scored based on the criteria and the number of applicants in the same category.

Expressions of Interest CLOSE 5:00pm, Friday, March 27, 2020!

All applicants will be advised via email before April 3, 2020 if they have been approved or not. Bookings are only finalised and confirmed upon full payment of the invoice for a 2020 Rhythm n Rail Festival Market Stall.

    All fields are required, unless otherwise indicated.

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    For Publication

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    Trading / Business Name

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    Attendance Date(s)

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    Stall Description
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    Not for Publication

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    Contact Name

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    Contact Mobile Number
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    Trading Status

    Type of stall
    General MerchandiseFood (for taking home - eg Jams, Honey)Takeaway Food (for consumption at festival - eg hot dogs, dougnuts, hot chips, cooked meats)AlcoholAmusement Ride or AttractionOther

    Have you previously had a market stall at a Junee Rhythm n Rail Festival?

    Stall Size
    Please note sizes indicated are the maximum size permitted. Please ensure your stall does not exceed the size indicated otherwise you may be moved or refused entry. No refunds will be given. Site size must include ALL preparation area required.
    3m x 3m3m x 6mOther

    Public Liability Insurance Policy Number

    Public Liability Insurance Expiry Date
    Please use format of Month DD, Year eg June 30, 2019

    Do you require power?
    (single 20KVA 10 amp power outlet for an extra $10 per outlet)

    Other Comments (optional)

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    Acknowledgement and Submission

    By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read and accept the below Terms & Conditions (v2020.01). In the event of not complying with the terms and conditions, I acknowledge that Rhythm n Rail Inc reserves the right to take immediate action to seek compliance with the conditions of approval or that I may be stopped from trading and be asked to vacate the site by Rhythm n Rail Inc.

    I acknowledge that is only an Expression of Interest to have a market stall at the 2020 Junee Rhythm n Rail Festival and does not constitute an actual booking. All applications are judged based on diversity for the markets. Similar applications will be assessed based on the criteria and the number of applicants in the same category.

    All applicants will be advised via email before March 27, 2020 if they have been approved or not. Bookings are only finalised and confirmed upon full payment of the invoice for a 2020 Rhythm n Rail Festival Market Stall.


    Rhytmn n Rail Festival Market Terms and Conditions (v2020.01)

    In making this application, I agree to abide by all instructions and conditions imposed by Rhythm n Rail Inc and acknowledge the following information:

    1. Applications will NOT be considered on a first come first served basis. All applications are judged based on diversity for the markets. Similar applications will be assessed based on the criteria and the number of applicants in the same category.
    2. Allocation of sites is at the sole discretion of Rhythm n Rail Inc and no further correspondence will be entered into
    3. Successful applications will be notified via email by March 27, 2020 and an invoice sent for immediate payment via email. An reminder information sheet will be sent to successful applicants in the last week of April.
    4. Full payment of site fees are due and payable by 5pm, Friday, April 24, 2020. Please note that following payment NO refunds will be provided — including in the event of external environmental threats (Storm, bushfire, flood).
    5. Payment is to be made by Direct Deposit or by cheque by the due date. Payment on the day is not permitted.
    6. All market stall holders will be required to stay open for the times indicated on the application. No late starts nor early exits will be tolerated.
      • On Saturday, May 9, 2020 all sites must be set up and operational by 9:00am and vacated by 6:00pm. (Bump-in 6:30am–8:30am, Bump-out 4:00pm–6:00pm)
    7. Stall holders must report to a Rhythm n Rail site coordinator at the Junee Showgrounds upon arrival for bump in.
    8. Vehicle access for your stall site will be restricted to bump in and bump out times. Drivers must obey traffic marshals and Rhythm n Rail representatives.
    9. Vehicles are only permitted in the designated areas at the Junee Showgrounds. If your stall consists of a trailer or caravan, please contact the organisers to discuss the options available.
    10. Parking of vehicles is not permitted at your stall site outside of the bump-in/out periods. There will be plenty of free, on site parking, at the Junee Showgrounds for stall holders.
    11. A single 20KVA (10 amp) power outlet will be made available, if requested and paid for. 3-Phase power is not available.
    12. If power is required, stall holders are responsible for bringing their own extension leads (recommended length at least 20m) and cord covers. All leads and cables must be tagged and tested before arriving on site to comply with WorkCover NSW regulations. WorkCover NSW requires electrical leads to be tested at least annually and identification tags to be attached. Should you short-circuit the power that has been supplied due to incorrect information provided by yourself or are found to be at fault with power supply to your site, you will be charged for the electrician call-out. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure approved and tagged electrical cables are covered with acceptable cable covering.
    13. Units that produce grease-laden vapours must have an approved suppression system and proper identification is required. All cooking and food preparation units must have an approved extinguisher on site. All propane tanks must be secured and comply with appropriate liquid fuel-handling requirements.
    14. Businesses/Organisations serving food and beverages must comply with the NSW Food Authority Guidelines. All food tents must be smooth, impervious material. Hessian is not permitted and must comply with NSW Food Authority Guidelines. Applicants are required to familiarise themselves with the guidelines. A link to this guide will be issued to all stall holders at time of confirmation of application. Stall holders who do not comply with the regulations will be requested to cease operating and NO refunds will be available. Each food vendor must provide bins/bags for their rubbish. Current Food Safety Supervisor Certificate must be kept at the stall.
    15. The holder of any approval is responsible for the collection and disposal of litter associated with and in the immediate vicinity of the stall. Bin services will be supplied at the site.
    16. No sewer will be available to the site. At no time is waste water to be disposed of on the park lawns, garden beds, in the street, gutter or drains. Fines will apply for pollution offences.
    17. In the event of an emergency, the stall holder shall comply with any direction issued by Rhythm n Rail Inc’s events staff or by any member of the VRA, SES or emergency services.
    18. Rhythm n Rail Inc accepts NO responsibility for the security and/or any loss or damages incurred to stall holders during the Rhythm n Rail Festival.
    19. The travel of any pedestrians is not to be impeded.
    20. Spruiking microphones and amplified pre-recorded messages promoting your stall/business are not permitted without prior consultation.
    21. All stallholders at the event shall present and conduct themselves in a manner suitable for a family event. In particular the use of language or images that may be considered offensive by members of the community will not be accepted. If you believe a part of your presence at the event may breach this code of conduct, please discuss it with Rhythm n Rail before applying.
    22. The conduct of any raffles is prohibited, unless previously approved in writing by Rhythm n Rail Inc.
    23. The sale of prohibited, hazardous or dangerous goods is not permitted. The following items are strictly prohibited during the festival;
      • Explicit T-Shirts
      • Fuel type fire lighters
      • Horns and trumpets
      • Knives, metal and wooden martial art nunchuks
      • Playing cards (nude or lurid)
      • Pressure pack fart gas, snow or silly string
      • Drug related goods (including cocaine kits, bongs etc)
      • Tobacco and related products
      • Stink bombs, fireworks or crackers
      • Water pistols, laser pointers and toy guns
    24. No damage is to be done to the roads, footpaths, trees, plants, garden beds or any other Council or Showground property.
    25. The stall holder must hold a current public liability policy of not less than $20 million with Rhythm n Rail Inc and Junee Shire Council noted as interested parties. A copy of this insurance is to be provided with your application.
    26. Should a business or activity choose to operate without the approval of the Rhythm n Rail Inc or outside their approval, appropriate action could eventuate in accordance with Section 626 and/or 627 of the Local Government Act. Provision is made under the legislation to issue an infringement or seize goods offered for sale.
    27. I/we (the stall holder) indemnify Rhythm n Rail Incorporated and its employees and volunteers against any and all liabilities, claims and actions that may eventuate from the establishment, operation and removal of any trading premises (stall) during the 2020 Rhythm n Rail Festival, May 9, 2020.
    28. Rhythm n Rail Inc reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions as required. Successful stall applicants will be notified by email of any changes to the terms and conditions.

    Free Stalls for Junee Community Groups

    Junee Shire Map
    Junee Shire Map

    A limited number of standard 3m x 3m stalls will be made available to community groups based within the Junee Shire Local Government Area.

    A “Junee Community Group” may include local charities, schools, sporting clubs, emergency services organisations, or other not-for-profit community focussed groups. The Committee of Rhythm n Rail Incorporated shall be the sole arbitrator on the eligibility for a free “Junee Community Group” stall at the Rhythm n Rail Festival Markets.

    In order to maximise the number of community groups able to take advantage of the Free Stall offer, Rhythm n Rail Inc reserve the right to limit each Community Group to a single 3m x 3m stall on one market day only.

    If you require extra space or power, they may be purchased at the standard rates.

    Other Not for Profit groups from surrounding shires may also apply and if there are Free Stall spaces available, they will be considered.

    Stall Ideas for Community Groups

    2019 Fundraising Directory Planner Cover
    View the 2020 Fundraising Directory Planner

    Looking for ideas for what type of stall your community group could operate to raise funds???

    Also, be sure to checkout the free ebook The Fundraising Directory for dozens of different fund-raising ideas and partners, including;

    • Showbags and Chocolate boxes
    • Wine, Coffee, or Milk Flavouring Straws
    • Donuts, Cookie Dough or Pies
    • T-Shirts, Socks, Jewellery or reusable drink bottles and lunch order bags
    • Soaps, Sunscreens and Sunglasses
    • Children’s Artwork as tea towels, calendars, aprons or greeting cards
    • Seeds and Plants
    • or even a Petting Zoo or Amusement rides